Old World Vulture – visions

Rueppell's Griffon & Whitebacked Vulture

Rueppell's Griffon & Whitebacked Vulture. 290 x 420 mm.

One of the painting commissions from the client who took photos in the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, was of the Whitebacked Vulture.  (It was not the Serengeti as I first thought.)

Sketch of Whitebacked Vulture

Sketch of Whitebacked Vulture. 310 x 230 mm.

This painting inspired me to make a couple of other studies that are posted here. Researching these vultures revealed many amazing facts about them. The Rueppell’s Griffon, is said to be the highest flying bird, with a recording of 11,000 metres or 36,100 feet, and their wingspan reaches 2.6 metres or 8,5 feet!!

Maasai Mara Whitebacked Vultures

Maasai Mara Whitebacked Vultures. 700 x 500 mm sold.

Here on Silvermere, we have the Cape Vulture, which I haven’t  painted yet. These vultures come for the carcasses of sheep and cattle that die in the veld. We sometimes have flocks of about 50 on one carcass. It is wonderful to have them now, as they have been absent for many many years. We still hear reports that they were becoming an endangered species, but at least we have a flock that we see from time to time. Here are a couple of photos that I took of our Cape Vultures that roost on the power lines nearby.

Cape Vultures, photos

Cape Vultures (photographs)














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