An Old Illustrated Map

Next year it will be 30 years since I painted this illustrated map of South Africa. It is no longer very topical with regards to South Africa at this time in history, but many of the interesting places for sightseers of South Africa, are still there. There are also a few additions that are not to be seen; like the presence of ‘Jock of The Bushveld’, a story well loved by most South Africans ; and the Bartholomew Diaz’s caravel, which reached Kwaaihoek in 1488. Diaz erected a cross there, not far from Boknes, on the East Cape coast, where we used to go for holidays.

This map is not for sale, however, I have been asked to make prints of it. So we took the painting out of it’s frame to photograph, and a few A3 & A2 prints have now been made.

Map of South Africa. Illustrated. 1986

1986 Illustrated Map of South Africa

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