Zerendipity Zebras (Serendipity Zebras)

Nancy's Zebras

Nancy's Zebras

(Serendipity Zebras)

I love the word, ‘serendipity’ as I am sure those who love words will agree! It is a word that trickles off the tongue with such delightful playfulness that I felt inspired to use it in today’s post. There are many meanings, including ‘chance’ and ‘coincidence’. ‘Synchronicity’ may describe this happen stance better, it means ; –  ‘unlikely occurrences that take place by random chance’.

I have just completed two orders heading for the USA, and both contain Zebras. As I don’t paint Zebras very often so this could well be a case of “synchronicity” or “serendipity”.

As commissions do not appear in my gallery, on the painting website ( www.africanpainting.com ) I thought you may be interested to see them before they depart for America.

“Whether we name divine presence (God’s Presence) synchronicity, serendipity, or graced moment matters little. What matters is the reality that our hearts have been understood. Nothing is as real as a healthy dose of magic which restores our spirits.”

Nancy Long (Quote :2504)

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature,(God) and is manifest in each of us through what we call the soul.

~ Deepak Chopra,( Quote:2505)

Trophy Zebra

Trophy Zebra

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