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A few more random sketches.

Little field mouse

These few were hard to fit into a category, but I wanted to share them anyway.

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Plein-Air painting with John, 2018 Christmas Holiday.

Across the dam, view of the farmyard, Silvermere

Our wonderful new Gazebo made plein-air sketching with John in the 2018 Christmas holiday, such a pleasure !

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More Journal pages, August to December 2018

Spring flowers and bird.

More pages from my Art Journals from the latter part of 2018 and one from 2019.

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A few more Journal pages

Guinea fowl & Peacock

A few more art journal pages.

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EDM. Every Day in May challenge, 2018

Windmill in Kalahari veld

For the Last 3 years I have taken up the EDM challenge, to paint a new picture on each of the 31 days in May. So this makes it the fourth EDM challenge.

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Three Holiday Sketches.

Three little holiday sketches at the end of 2017.

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Lambert’s Bay holiday. 2017

Lambert's Bay boat repairs.

This was our West coast experience of beautiful Lambert’s Bay and the inspiration for a few sketches.

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Windmills of the Karoo

Windmill view over Dreunberg

When windmills propel gently through the breezes in lazy rotations, or spin frenetically facing into the strong winds that sweep across the karoo plains, I am often mesmerized by them. They knit together the vast…

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Blue Cranes

Blue Cranes & Karoo Landscape

A pair of Blue Cranes have settled on Silvermere, and inspired this trio of studies. There are 2 sketches and one full watercolour landscape with a flock of cranes.

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Salted Lambs

A little experiment with salt to achieve a different texture, on this sketch of 3 lambs.  

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The Christmas 2012 Painting Challenge.

John and I decided to try the Christmas Painting Challenge again when he came home for the holidays. It was something we initiated last Christmas (2011). We spent 15 enjoyable days of sketching-sessions, that were mostly chosen from scenes around the farmyard.

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The Christmas 2011 Painting-a-Day Challenge.

Day 13. Agaves on the Dam wall.

During the holidays around Christmas 2011 & New Year 2012, John and I made a 13-day Painting-a-Day challenge, to test our ability to cope with plein-air painting conditions on a regular basis. It was great fun !!

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A little Study of the Cape Hare

Cape Hare Study 4

The Cape Hare has been a regular garden visitor lately, so it was an enjoyable task studying him through these sketches.

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Nguni Study Revisited

two Nguni cattle. watercolour

A recent Nguni painting inquiry rekindled my enthusiasm in tackling a new big oil. These are some of the preliminary studies.

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Plein-Air Painting versus Studio-Studies

Painting plein-air is extremely enjoyable especially when accompanied by others. Silvermere has many lovely views for such excursions.

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For the Love of Fragrant Roses

Oil painting of Roses

The Warthogs that visited our garden recently, were frustrated by the electric fence that protects my precious roses. I am passionate about old fashioned fragrant roses, and they have inspired not only this big painting in my kitchen, but a new one that has just been completed for the September Exhibition.

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The Genet and the Starling

Living on a farm means that encounters with wildlife are quite a normal occurrence. This incident happened just outside our living room late one evening, while we were watching television.

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