Sheep Study Two

Here are a few more sheep sketches and paintings.

sheep sketch, "I know you're there"

"I know you're there" sheep sketch. watercolour & ink on cartridge. A4

I have an enormous online library of quirky and entertaining photos of sheep taken over the years; and now that photography is digital, it is so easy to capture moods and attitudes at every available opportunity, without the costs of printing them all.

Two Ewes & a Lamb

'Two Ewes & a Lamb'. 350 x 250 mm watercolour.

There was a time when I spent far too much on frequent trips to the nearest Foto-First (200 kms away)  in Bloemfontein.

Sheep. 'Ewe with twins, cold winter morning'.

'Ewe with twins, cold winter morning'. 325 x 240 mm. watercolour.

But now, with the aid of a trusty printer, I am able to only print what I want to paint, at the moment when inspiration strikes.

"Ewe with twins sketch"

"Ewe with twins sketch", watercolour and ink. 320 x 240 mm

It was difficult to choose just 4, for this set, but I really must move on to some other subject matter now. I can’t imagine there are many of you out there who are so entranced by sheep as I am, so I promise to put sheep aside for the moment!

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