A few more random sketches.

Three little pigs

Warthog piglets in the garden

Little field mouse

Striped Field Mouse. Rhabdomys pumilio

White flowering cactus, Silvermere

Golden torch, (white) torch cactus or golden column.
Echinopsis spachiana

T'shirt & sheep

Sheep T’shirt for a Christmas gift 2018

Plein-Air painting with John, 2018 Christmas Holiday.

The stars at night

Starlit sky, Silvermere.

Bench at the end of the garden

Garden Bench

Karoo farm hill

Guineafowl Kop, Silvermere

Plein-air, view of Fossil Basin, Silvermere

View of the Broken Dam, Silvermere.

Two gates, early morning

Early morning shadows, Silvermere

Across the dam, view of the farmyard, Silvermere

Silvermere, as seen from the dam.

Gazebo for plein-air sketching.

Plein-air sketching in our new Gazebo, Silvermere.

More Journal pages, August to December 2018

Garden pond and fountain.

Our Garden Fountain.

Hoopoe in my journal

African Hoopoe

Paraffin lamps and a candlestick

Candle and Lamps, during a power failure.

Feeding the hansie lambs

Orphan lamb feeding

Iris sketch

Purple Iris in my garden.

Sheep shearing

Shearing time, Silvermere

Spring flowers and bird.

Apricot Blossoms and Yellow canary

Hadeda in the garden, journal page

Glossy Ibis, Journal page

Little partridges

Orange River Francolin

A selection of sketches from Sept – Dec 2018

My daughter and grand-daughter

Sue & Chloe

My favourite fragrant rose, Jude.

Jude the Obscure, my favourite rose

Eucalyptus trees in the grass

Gum trees near the road

karoo donkey at the gate

Donkey at the gate

My writing tools, and ink

My love of writing.

Sketching in Crazy Crafters

The white bench

Karoo Landscape, sunrise.

Last month we went down to Adelaide for a Birthday party and left early in the morning, so that the sun was still low on the eastern horizon when I photographed this beautiful view beside the road. Just had to paint it !! Hope you like it too.

View from the road from Hofmeyr to Cradock, Eastern Cape.

Karoo landscape, early morning, oil on canvas.