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Jersey Land View. Watercolour. 700 x 250 mm. Sold.

Angora Goats.Watercolour. 250 x 175 mm. sold

White dorpers. Watercolour and Gouache. 620 x 430 mm. sold

Father & Son. Watercolour pair. 2 x 350 x 250 mm


Osfontein dam. watercolour. 250 x 175mm. sold

Giverny Inspired. Oil on Canvas. Sold

Aloe Triptych. watercolour. 3 x 250 x 175 mm.


Poplar Road. watercolour. sold

Jackass Penguins. 250 x 175 mm. watercolour.

Periwinkles. watercolour & gouache. approx 200 x 300 mm.

Gariep Dam. watercolour 700 x 250 mm. sold

Garden Fowls. watercolour. 350 x 500 mm. sold

Lavender & Rosemary. watercolour. 350 x 250 mm.

Lavender on black paper. watercolour. 350 x 250 mm.

Msasa Road. watercolour. 350 x 500mm. sold

Lesotho Horsemen. Watercolour. 700 x 500 mm. sold


Felix Merinos. watercolour 250 x 700 mm. sold

Tessa. waterclour. sold

2-guineas. watercolour. 350 x 250 mm.

Our Kitties. watercolour. 250 x 700 mm. Not for sale.

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