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Frantic & Barbara

Frantic & Barbara

SILVERMERE, a peaceful retreat at the end of a dusty farm road, is my haven and home. As a Rhodesian by birth and a Christian, I became a Karoo girl 30 years ago. I love the life of solitude and wide open spaces, of bird song and a shady garden outside my door. Being a farmer’s wife and mother of three grown children has been the brimming cup of my life, and still I drink from the saucer in all my creative pursuits. As an Illustrator of everything and a passionate Journal-keeper I savour the treasures around me with camera, pencil, pen and paint. For 35 years painting has been my life and career, and the creative process has manifested itself in many varied ways with each passing year.

My talented children have kept me up-to-date with computer creativity, and communication. Our sparse social life led me into penpalling a long time ago; and as handwritten letters have given way to emailing and Facebook, the idea of a blog evolved as a natural progression from website to journaling online. So, here I am, Barbara Philip, your new friend from a farm far away. Join me, as often as you may, on this journey, down this dusty old farm road, and enjoy the adventure along with me.