A little Study of the Cape Hare

Thirty years ago, our son, John Oliver was given a little rabbit called Flapsocks. He was a delightful and soft little bunny, and as these things happen, time passed and we got more rabbits and later guinea pigs too.

photo of John and Flapsocks

The wild Cape Hare that we have now, is bigger than a domestic rabbit; but whenever I see him hopping about in the garden, I think of Flapsocks.

Since the Cape Hare has been feeding in our garden quite often recently, I have taken some photos, with the intention of doing some sketches. Unfortunately my photos were of poor quality, so I found a few good ones on the website : ARKive and have worked from those. It has been an enjoyable little excursion; and a reminder of Flapsocks, and those long ago days when our children were little.

Cape Hare study 1

Cape Hare study 1. Watercolour. 210 x 295 mm

Cape Hare study 2

Cape Hare study 2. Watercolour. 350 x 250 mm.

Cape Hare study 3

Cape Hare study 3. Pen & Watercolour 350 x 250 mm.

Cape Hare Study 4

Cape Hare Study 4. Pen and watercolour. 210 x 295 mm




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