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EDM 2016, The Everyday in May Challenge.

Tranquil misty farm view.

This is my second EDM ( Everyday in May challenge ) that is 31 paintings in 31 days ! I enjoyed the journey last year, and managed to finish them all this year too. It is a great way to get going with watercolour sketching or journalling. Lots of disciplined practice.

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Silvermere Meercats.

Meercats on the Ash-heap.

Our little family of meercats that live nearby, were seen recently on an old ash-heap. These two paintings were inspired by them.

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Hogsback Holiday

Hogsback Forest, watercolour painting.

In April we visited the delightful forested jewel that is Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. It was a real feast for the senses, and these two forest scenes were particularly inspiring.

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An Assortment of Requests

Zambezi Valley Buffalo

Four recent commissions, – a real assortment !

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Kalahari Leopard

Kalahari Leopard

I came across the photo of this leopard on red Kalahari sand, and felt inspired to paint her.

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Eland Antelope Study.

Kruger's Kop with 3 Eland

It was an enjoyable exercise, getting familiar with eland antelope again, before the watercolour study for a recent order.

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Old World Vulture – visions

Rueppell's Griffon & Whitebacked Vulture

The recent commission to paint Whitebacked vultures in the Maasai Mara in Kenya, inspired me to make some extra sketches.

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Serengeti Cats

Wild Cats of the Serengeti and the grassveld were the challenges of this recent set of commissioned paintings.

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The Lion, the Lamb, and the Exhibition.

Lion painting

Our First Exhibition in almost two years, was a great success! It was preceded by a flurry of activity and two quick paintings that inspired the inclusion of this meaningful verse; “The lion and the Lamb”

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The Genet and the Starling

Living on a farm means that encounters with wildlife are quite a normal occurrence. This incident happened just outside our living room late one evening, while we were watching television.

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