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A few more Journal pages

Guinea fowl & Peacock

A few more art journal pages.

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New Art Journal

Sketch Book 4

My new, homemade, Travelers Notebook, has an art journal section at the back. These are the first 4 pages of it.

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Mini Journal

Paperblank journal

Mini Journal page selection for October 2017, something different !

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Lambert’s Bay holiday. 2017

Lambert's Bay boat repairs.

This was our West coast experience of beautiful Lambert’s Bay and the inspiration for a few sketches.

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The Buffalo Visit.

Shetching Buffalo

How fortunate to find two Buffalo wandering on our farm, a perfect opportunity to capture them in photographs and in paint !

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EDM 2016, The Everyday in May Challenge.

Tranquil misty farm view.

This is my second EDM ( Everyday in May challenge ) that is 31 paintings in 31 days ! I enjoyed the journey last year, and managed to finish them all this year too. It is a great way to get going with watercolour sketching or journalling. Lots of disciplined practice.

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The Every-Day-In-May Challenge, 2015

The discipline of sketching a new picture every day re-ignited my love of painting. This EDM was much more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be.

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The Christmas 2012 Painting Challenge.

John and I decided to try the Christmas Painting Challenge again when he came home for the holidays. It was something we initiated last Christmas (2011). We spent 15 enjoyable days of sketching-sessions, that were mostly chosen from scenes around the farmyard.

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Eland Antelope Study.

Kruger's Kop with 3 Eland

It was an enjoyable exercise, getting familiar with eland antelope again, before the watercolour study for a recent order.

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Sheep Study Two

Sheep. 'Ewe with twins, cold winter morning'.

The ease and convenience of digital photography has made it possible to capture our sheep, in every quirky and entertaining pose. I doubt that I will ever lack inspiration.

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Gardens of Delight at the Bedford Festival

Chestnut Grove painting

A tour through 7 beautiful gardens at the Bedford Garden Festival in October, inspired me to paint this Series of 6 pen & wash sketches; and 20 garden quotes complete this post.

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