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My 2018 sheep painting challenge. No. 1

Sheep painting no. 1 . the first in the series planned for 2018

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The Buffalo Visit.

Shetching Buffalo

How fortunate to find two Buffalo wandering on our farm, a perfect opportunity to capture them in photographs and in paint !

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Just for something quite different, – A seascape.

Contemplating the sea is soothing , as this drought drags on.

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Hogsback Holiday

Hogsback Forest, watercolour painting.

In April we visited the delightful forested jewel that is Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. It was a real feast for the senses, and these two forest scenes were particularly inspiring.

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Karoo landscape with Ngunis.

Nguni cattle.

A recent visit to the nearby Nguni farm, ‘Gelykfontein’, was the inspiration behind this new karoo landscape with Nguni cattle .

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Nguni Herd Returning Home

Nguni Herd & Herdsman.

This painting has been a long process since the scene first inspired me, one evening exactly 5 years ago, not far from Pofadder.

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The Big Mondplaas Nguni Oil, – Revisited

Nguni cattle herd

November dawned with a new challenge and a big order with a deadline; even if it was a repeat of the 2009 Nguni oil painting. Some small changes were made and Makatini and his family were completed in time.

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Random Roses

Random Roses


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Remembering the 90’s, & Bon Jovi

Portrait of Jon Bon Jovi. 1998

As an avid fan of Bon Jovi during the 1990’s I painted a couple of portraits in oil that have been gathering dust in the corner of the studio until recently when a friend asked to see them.

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Sheep study one. Resting against the workshop wall.

'Sheep resting',- oil painting.

Photographing our sheep through all the seasons & years of living on a sheep farm continually inspires me to paint them.

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Sheep May Safely Graze

‘Sheep may safely graze’, is the theme, and though we may rest safely in the care of our precious Lord Jesus, the sheep depicted here, on the farms in our district are never safe from the threat of predators.

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For the Love of Fragrant Roses

Oil painting of Roses

The Warthogs that visited our garden recently, were frustrated by the electric fence that protects my precious roses. I am passionate about old fashioned fragrant roses, and they have inspired not only this big painting in my kitchen, but a new one that has just been completed for the September Exhibition.

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A Study of Nguni Cattle

Nguni cattle have been painted skilfully by many artists, but I never considered that it might become my own challenge too. In 2007 I received a commission to paint them, and so began a long journey that culminated, just recently, in the completion of this BIG oil painting of Ngunis.

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