Lambert’s Bay holiday. 2017

In April 2017 John and I travelled across the karoo to the west coast of South Africa, to Lambert’s Bay. Over the years we have been to different parts of the East coast, but never the West coast. So it was wonderful to experience the wild wild sea of the west coast for the first time. It is such a different coastal town with extraordinary bird life and breathtaking sunsets every evening. Our only disappointment was the lack of fresh fish in the restaurants. Perhaps all those seabirds have eaten them all? These are the sketches that I did while we were there and later in the May challenge.

Lambert's Bay boat repairs.

Boat repairs, Lambert’s Bay

Sunset over the sea sketch. Lambert's Bay

Last Sunset, Lambert’s Bay holiday

Seabirds, Lambert's Bay. SA

Kelp Gulls, and Sacred Ibis, Lambert’s Bay. SA

Harbour, Lambert's Bay

Lambert’s Bay Harbour

Bird Island, Cape Gannets, Lambert's Bay

Cape Gannets, Lambert’s Bay, South Africa


Another farm scenery order.

Soon after the Shearing shed painting, I had this order for two farm scenes, from the Eastern Cape beyond Cradock.

Aloe Ferox, E. Cape. SA

Aloes on the hill, Eastern Cape. SA

Ford truck, farm ride.

Bakkie ride

Shearing Shed

The EDM, mentioned in the last post, came to an end halfway through May due to this big commission. It took several weeks to complete, but it seems that the client was happy with the depiction of his shearing shed.


Shearing shed

Every Day in May challenge, 2017.

For the last two years I have managed to take up the EDM, The Every Day in May Challenge. It has been quite enjoyable if rather time consuming, and difficult to fit in on busy days. However, this year, I had an important big commission to start, so only completed half of the daily painting challenge. So here are the 15 paintings, it ended with the very personal sketch of my husband, John and his Grand daughter, Chloë, who share a 15th May Birthday. In April we travelled to Lambert’s Bay so several of these are inspired by scenery on that trip. The paintings appear in order of the days, from the first picture of the ewe and lamb, painted on the 1st May up till the last one, the portrait of Grandpa and Grand-daughter, on the 15th May.

Sheep at rest

Ewe & lamb resting

Bird Island, Cape Gannets, Lambert's Bay

Cape Gannets, Lambert’s Bay, South Africa

Windmill and dry karoo, near Canarvon.

Dry Karoo near Canarvon.

Harbour, Lambert's Bay

Lambert’s Bay Harbour

Seabirds, Lambert's Bay. SA

Kelp Gulls, and Sacred Ibis, Lambert’s Bay. SA

Sheep, portrait of a ewe.

Ewe’s portrait.

Williston district, old mill and shed.

Old shed and windmill near Williston.

Running Warthogs.

Tails-up ! Warthogs.

Botanical study . Yellow Firethorn

Pyracantha Augustifolia. Yellow Firethorn.

Meercat, wildlife portrait.

Meercat Portrait.

Windmill and agaves, Silvermere

Silvermere scene of Agaves and Windmill.

Canarvon, old cottage.

Old cottage in Canarvon.

Common Grass of South Africa

Red Grass, Themeda Triandra. Rooigras.

Lily Pond. & Numbers 6 : 24 - 26 verse.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You…. ( Lily Pond )

The tortoise with Grandpa and Chloë.

Grandpa, Chloë & the tortoise.

The Buffalo Visit.

On the 20th February, we were surprised to find a pair of Buffalo wandering through our veld ! They had escaped from a neighbouring Game Farm. So we followed them while they were in the road, and I managed to get some marvellous photographs. Naturally I was immediately inspired; one seldom has such a perfect pair of models to paint ! So over the past month I have done three studies in three different ways :Watercolour, Oil, and Pen & Wash.

Buffalo Watercolour

A Pair of Buffalo

Buffalo Pair in Oils

Beautiful Buffalo

Shetching Buffalo

Buffalo Sketch in Pen & Wash.