The Buffalo Visit.

On the 20th February, we were surprised to find a pair of Buffalo wandering through our veld ! They had escaped from a neighbouring Game Farm. So we followed them while they were in the road, and I managed to get some marvellous photographs. Naturally I was immediately inspired; one seldom has such a perfect pair of models to paint ! So over the past month I have done three studies in three different ways :Watercolour, Oil, and Pen & Wash.

Buffalo Watercolour

A Pair of Buffalo

Buffalo Pair in Oils

Beautiful Buffalo

Shetching Buffalo

Buffalo Sketch in Pen & Wash.

Karoo farm gate

Getting back to painting at last ! Here is my first for 2017. A little karoo farm scene with an old gate.

Farm Gate, karoo landscape.

Karoo Farm Gate

The October 2016 Exhibition in Burgersdorp.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful new gallery space open up in 2016, in the Burgersdorp main street, as part of the new Kingsman Boutique Hotel. It was named the House of Art, and is run by the Burgersdorp Artists. I was lucky to be allocated the whole month of October for an Exhibition of my own. You may recall the advertisement of the painting of the Van Wyksvlei Donkey Cart, that I posted recently. We took many photos so I made 3 Composites of them for my Journal, to give you an idea of the display. Being a small town, we only sold a few paintings, but it certainly was a good show with a lot of interest. Also, being October, the month of Roses, I was able to have a big vase of roses to decorate the window display, and to give away to friends !

Burgersdorp Exhibition of Barbara Philip

Burgersdorp Exhibition of Barbara Philip

Roses at the Exhibition

Roses at the Exhibition

The Road Ahead

During our July 2015 Trans-Karoo trip we were constantly enjoying the surprise of coming over the rise to discover new country we’d never seen, and the pleasure and delight of that experience was portrayed in my first painting,entitled : “The Road Ahead”

Gravel road

The Road Ahead, near Hopetown.

But soon after it went into the website Gallery, my brother bought it. I was sad to see it go, as it signified the enjoyment of that journey that we loved so much. So it wasn’t long before I dug out another photo, a similar scene further along on that same trip : ” The Road Ahead 2 ”

Karoo road

The Road Ahead (VanWyksvlei to Canarvon)

Fortunately I still have this one and it is framed & has pride of place in my lounge where I can see it every day, as a regular reminder of that memorable trip.

Van Wyk’s Vlei Donkey Cart.

Donkey Cart and salt bush.

Donkey Cart in Van Wyk’s Vlei.

During our Trans Karoo trip in July 2015, we visited Van Wyk’s Vlei in the central karoo. This little scene with the donkey cart, salt bush and sleeping dog,  just needed to be painted ! I decided to paint it for an upcoming exhibition in Burgersdorp in October. So I am using it as the advertisement for the exhibition, on Facebook and elsewhere. Here it is as the Poster. The text has been added digitally, and does not actually appear on the painting, that will be on display at the October Show. Please come and visit if you are in the neighbourhood, in October.

Donkey cart, exhibition poster.

Exhibition poster for October 2016, in Burgersdorp.