The October 2016 Exhibition in Burgersdorp.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful new gallery space open up in 2016, in the Burgersdorp main street, as part of the new Kingsman Boutique Hotel. It was named the House of Art, and is run by the Burgersdorp Artists. I was lucky to be allocated the whole month of October for an Exhibition of my own. You may recall the advertisement of the painting of the Van Wyksvlei Donkey Cart, that I posted recently. We took many photos so I made 3 Composites of them for my Journal, to give you an idea of the display. Being a small town, we only sold a few paintings, but it certainly was a good show with a lot of interest. Also, being October, the month of Roses, I was able to have a big vase of roses to decorate the window display, and to give away to friends !

Burgersdorp Exhibition of Barbara Philip

Burgersdorp Exhibition of Barbara Philip

Roses at the Exhibition

Roses at the Exhibition

The Road Ahead

During our July 2015 Trans-Karoo trip we were constantly enjoying the surprise of coming over the rise to discover new country we’d never seen, and the pleasure and delight of that experience was portrayed in my first painting,entitled : “The Road Ahead”

Gravel road

The Road Ahead, near Hopetown.

But soon after it went into the website Gallery, my brother bought it. I was sad to see it go, as it signified the enjoyment of that journey that we loved so much. So it wasn’t long before I dug out another photo, a similar scene further along on that same trip : ” The Road Ahead 2 ”

Karoo road

The Road Ahead (VanWyksvlei to Canarvon)

Fortunately I still have this one and it is framed & has pride of place in my lounge where I can see it every day, as a regular reminder of that memorable trip.

Van Wyk’s Vlei Donkey Cart.

Donkey Cart and salt bush.

Donkey Cart in Van Wyk’s Vlei.

During our Trans Karoo trip in July 2015, we visited Van Wyk’s Vlei in the central karoo. This little scene with the donkey cart, salt bush and sleeping dog,  just needed to be painted ! I decided to paint it for an upcoming exhibition in Burgersdorp in October. So I am using it as the advertisement for the exhibition, on Facebook and elsewhere. Here it is as the Poster. The text has been added digitally, and does not actually appear on the painting, that will be on display at the October Show. Please come and visit if you are in the neighbourhood, in October.

Donkey cart, exhibition poster.

Exhibition poster for October 2016, in Burgersdorp.


EDM 2016, The Everyday in May Challenge.

In 2015 I took up the “Everyday in May” challenge, and when May 2016 rolled around, I was keen to give it another try. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and hope you will too; while scrolling through these 31 sketches.

Un buon caffè italiano.

Day 1 of the Everyday in May 2016 challenge. EDM 1.

Portrait of our pianist friend.

Day 2. Everyday in May challenge 2016. Benjamin visited recently.

Sunset from my kitchen

Day 3 of the Every Day in May Challenge 2016. Sunset from my kitchen

Waxbills, common

Common Waxbills in my garden yesterday. Love the way they wag their tails like dogs.

Windmill & Karoo

Day 5, Everyday in May Challenge 2016. Little Karoo scene north of Bethulie in the Freestate.

Ginger farm cat.

Day 6, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, A little marmalade farm cat.


Shearing sheep.

Day 7, Everyday in May challenge 2016. One of the two shearers we had last week, to shear a few grown lambs.


Shearing 2

Day 8, Every day in May challenge 2016,. The second of the 2 shearers that came to shear a few grown lambs.


Farm Fowls

Day 9, Every day in May Challenge, colourful farm fowls seen recently.

Colour-in yourself, farm fowls.

For those who would like to add their own colours, I added this original line drawing.

Tranquil misty farm view.

Day 10, Every Day in May 2016, a little misty scene on Silvermere.

Afrino Ewe

Day 11, Every Dayin May challenge, sheep portrait from one of our Afrino flock

Thorn tree, acacia karoo.

Day 12, Everyday in May Challenge, a detail of one of the Acacias we have on Silvermere.


Eggs & Eggcups.

Day 13, Everyday in May Challenge, Eggs in three of my favourite old eggcups.


Informal Settlement in Aliwal North

Day 14, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, The informal settlement on the edge of Aliwal North.

15th May birthday for John & Chloë

Day 15, Everyday in May challenge 2016, “Happy Birthday” to Grandpa & Granddaughter who share the 15th May Birthday.


Bible and Dove of the Holy Spirit

Day 16, Everyday in May challenge 2016, I used a turtle dove and my Bible to illustrate the commemoration of Pentecost.


Autumn Poplar Trees, along the Stormberg Spruit.

Day 17, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, lovely view of the autumn-leafed trees from the bridge over the Stormberg Spruit.


Young Sable Antelope

Day 18, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, While taking photos of a herd of Sable Antelope recently, I noticed all the young ones in a group together.

Autumn poplar beside the road.

Day 19, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, Autumn trees beside the road at Sonskyn.

Piet, one of our fencers.

Day 20, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, We have employed two fencers to make repairs to all the Silvermere fences that have deteriorated.


Jack, the fencer.

Day 21, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, The second of our two fencers working here since April.


Three Sable.

Day 22, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, three of the Sable Antelope that I photographed on a neighbouring farm recently.


Farm Buildings, Silvermere

Day 23, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, A little view of our farmyard buildings, as seen when driving down our road.

Old Roses

Day 24, Everyday in May Challenge 2016. Very few roses left in my autumn rose garden, except these two, in celebration of the start of the Chelsea Flower Show that started today.

Orphaned Lambs.

Day 25, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, three of our orphaned lambs.

Fire on the farms

Day 26, Everyday in May Challenge, 2016, In 2008 we had a devastating veld fire that burnt some of our veld and our neighbour’s farm too.

Farm landscape.

Day 27, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, A little farm road with gate and windmill, below the dam wall.

Winter sheep

Day 28, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, A little winter scene, from 2014, early in the morning with frosty sheep.

Karoo Bird, the Whitebrowed Sparrow Weaver.

Day 29, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, One of my favourite birds that is now nesting in the trees nearby. Such lovely chatty and cheerful characters

Karoo & rain clouds

Day 30, Everyday in May Challenge 2016, A view of rain falling over the Kramberg mountain, from the Knapdaar to Burgersdorp Road.

Calligraphy piece.

Day 31, of the Everyday in May Challenge 2016. Decided to do some calligraphy for this final day of the challenge, with an encouraging message to end off with !


This was my first order for 2016,  a scene on the road from Knapdaar to our farm Silvermere. A view of the valley looking north over the game farm, Grootevallei. The painting was to be a gift for the regular hunter from Sweden, Carl Piper. DSC00551